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Dayton Job Market – Consistent Demand, Growth for Jobseekers

Dayton Job Market – Consistent Demand, Growth for Jobseekers

Central Ohio jobs to continue steady rise, survey says

Dayton Job Market - Consistent Demand, Growth for Jobseekers

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Hiring by central Ohio employers is expected to be about the same this summer as it was in the spring, according to Manpower’s quarterly employment outlook survey.The survey, released this morning, suggests the local economy is entering a period of steady employment growth.For the three months beginning July 1, 20 percent of employers expect to hire, 6 percent say they will cut and 73 percent say they will maintain existing staffing levels, the survey says.The 14-percentage-point spread between companies that will be hiring and firing is up 1 point from the second quarter, but down 9 from the same period in 2013.“It looks good. I’m very optimistic that it’s consistent,” said Sue Ellen Deiley, managing director in central Ohio for Experis, a professional-services company that is part of Manpower.A year ago, when the hiring-firing spread was wider, Deiley said the region was experiencing a surge in employment.“We’re not looking at the big swing up anymore,” she said. “We’re looking at a mostly consistent, stable job market.”Employers across a broad swath of sectors are looking to fill vacancies, Deiley said.“There’s a constant demand for skilled workers. We’re seeing it in (information technology). We’r e seeing it in engineering, and we’re seeing it in the financial-services sector. … Really, it’s just across the board. We’re seeing consistent demand,” she said.

The outlook for central Ohio for the July-to-September quarter isn’t as sunny as for most other metro areas in Ohio and the state as a whole.

Cleveland had the best outlook among the metro areas, with 24 percent of employers saying they will add jobs while just 1 percent say they will reduce staffing. Toledo, Cincinnati and Dayton also posted better outlooks than Columbus.

That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something amiss in central Ohio, though.

“I’m excited to see the rest of the state catching up,” she said.

Manpower’s report said the best job prospects in central Ohio for the summer are in construction, finance, professional and business services, and leisure and hospitality.

Hiring in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade is expected to be about flat, and employers in private education and health care are expected to reduce staffing in the quarter.

By Mark Williams The Columbus Dispatch  •  Tuesday June 10, 2014 8:05 AM


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