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Three Biggest Resume Mistakes

Courtesy of an article written by Rajat Taneja, EVP & CIO of Electronic Arts, the three biggest mistakes made in creating a resume are:

1. Focusing on the wrong thing.  Most people focus on responsibilities, but never specify their accomplishments.  That’s more important to a potential employer — what you have DONE of value to your company.

2.  Writing a thesis instead of a brief synopsis.  The longer and denser in text the resume is the harder it is for the reader to get to the heart of achievements and contributions.

3.  Leaving unanswered red flags.  Don’t wait for the interview to answer gaps in your resume — you won’t make it to the interview stage if the reader cannot get a sense of why the gaps or red flags exist.

For the complete article written by Rajat, go to this link.  Read and enjoy!  What he says in the article hits home.


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